Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2018

Location:  Band Room:

Band accounts reviewed.

A trip for the band for the spring (March 2019) has been organized and information will be sent out at the beginning of next week (Oct. 22).  More information regarding date, location and pricing will be available in the email. **Please note that if your student plans to attend the band trip, all fees must be paid.

The band will be performing at the Varsity Basketball Games on the following dates:





In the event Northview is represented at All-State East in the spring of 2019, the rooms for students and directors will be paid for through funds of the booster account.

Beat the Band 5K – All sponsor commitments must be in by Friday, Oct. 26th, to be included on the event shirt. Boosters are currently checking on businesses, shirts, medals, and all are encouraging participating for the event on November 3rd, at 10:00 am. Cost for runners and walkers is $35/person or $20/student.

Please review all weekly emails for all information about the Band Program.

Due to few events, Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, the next Band Booster meeting is scheduled for January 17, 2019, at 6:30 pm.  We hope to see you there! Go Cougars!

September 20, 2018

Location:  Band Room

Our marching band students are getting ready for upcoming competitions.  Our students have three competition dates this year and each are listed on the calendar.  Information regarding the competition dates and times will be communicated through email, so please be on the lookout for this information.  If you are not receiving emails, please let Mr. Franklin or Mrs. Terry know and they will be happy to add you to the distribution list.

The rehearsal schedule is different this week!  Please remember the band has after school rehearsal on Friday, September 28, 2018.

A trip for the band for the 2018-2019 school year is being put together.  More information regarding date, location and pricing will be available soon.  **Please note that if your student plans to attend the band trip, all fees must be paid.

In the August meeting, a list of band program needs was presented to the boosters.  At the September meeting, a vote was held and the decision was made to purchase some of the more urgent needs on the list.  The Boosters voted to purchase a Marching Baritone, Shakos & Plumes, a 16” Ride Cymbal, and two Stand Rack Carts for the band room.

The next Band Booster meeting is scheduled for October 18, 2018 at 6:30pm.  We hope to see you there! Go Cougars!

August 23, 2018

Location: Band Room

We have some upcoming fundraisers! The fruit fundraiser will kick off on Monday, October 1.This is always our largest fundraiser of the year. The profits earned by your student from this fundraiser will directly benefit your student and can be used to offset fees, trip costs, or other similar items. We will host the annual “Beat the Band 5k” on Saturday, November 3 at 10am. The 5k will be held at Northview Academy. We need sponsors and runners! Forms will be sent home with your student, but will also be sent via email and posted on the band’s website. See Jimbo Arwood for any additional details.

Weekly band emails are sent on Mondays. Financial statements regarding your student’s account are sent around the 15th of every month. If you are not receiving these important emails, please let Mr. Franklin or Mrs. Terry know so they can add you to the list.

The band program has a list of needs, some more urgent than others. A full list of the band program needs were handed out to those in attendance. If you were not in attendance and would like to see the list, please contact our directors. The program is continuing to grow; therefore, the needs continue to pile up! We are excited to have more students in the program. Now, let’s help fund raise so we can obtain the needed items to make our students successful!

Our booster officers are in the process of creating bylaws. As soon as a complete draft is ready, we will distribute them at a meeting for the boosters to vote on as a whole.

Transportation is another costly item for our program. We are lucky to have a couple of bus drivers that are willing to drive this year. This year, it will be necessary to take two buses on all trips.

The next Band Booster meeting is scheduled for September 20, 2018 at 6:30pm. We hope to see you there! Go Cougars!

17 March 2016 – 7:00pm

– Band uniforms have finally been ordered!!! There expected shipment date is July 28. With this in mind, we have $12,000 that will need to be sent to the company before they ship out the uniforms. Although we do not have the funds, we have two great opportunities to raise them. First, the Northview Optimist Club hosts a pancake supper twice a year. The one on Tuesday, April 26 from 4-8, they are splitting the proceeds with us! All we have to do is sell $5 pancake tickets. Mrs. Terry has them in the band room, so please take as many as you can and sell, sell, sell. Mrs. Terry will be signing them out to our kids as well. The more we sell, the more money we will make.
– Second, the bands 5K fundraiser is Saturday, May 28, 7pm at the school. Great opportunity for raising money for our uniforms. is how you can register. Also, there are flyers and registration forms in the band room. For more information, contact Jimbo Arwood at or at (865) 804-5340.
– Middle School Band trip is April 22-23. Contact Mrs. Terry for any questions.
High School Band trip is May 19-22. Contact Mrs. Clabo for any questions.
– We have 3 band concerts coming up: 1) Middle School Spring Concert – Thursday, April 19, 6:30pm in the Forum at the Academy. 2) High School Spring Concert – Thursday, April 28, 6:30pm, in the Forum at the Academy. 3) Northview Band Day, Monday, May 16, during the school day and it’s for all Northview and Cattlesburg schools.
– We talked about a lot more…but I wanted to share with you some of the highlights.